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 Update December 8th

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PostSubject: Update December 8th    Sun Dec 11, 2011 1:42 pm


- A warehouse sorting system that will sort by item rank
- A 2-year tamer trophy achievement, it's likely Korean-only
- Some cash shop shit that's probably Korean-only

(Q1) Digimon to be added later on:

- Omegamon (Omnimon overseas)
- Imperialdramon Paladin Mode (booyah~)
- BlackWangstGreymon
- ShadowSeraphimon
- UlforceVeedramon
- Armagemon (Armageddemon overseas)
- Kuzuhamon
- LadyDevimon
- Alphamon
- ...and etc.

(Q2) More Digimon skill rebalances are coming, some to be expected:

- Sakuyamon
- QueenChessmon
- Beelzebumon
- ...and etc.

- They stress that they want to rebalance the game to make it more efficient.

(Q3) They're adding more items to improve mercenaries? This one confuses me.

(Q4) They're considering allowing players to store starters, saying they did this for Digimon RPG Online/Digimon Battle and will take it into consideration. (Please make it happen~)

(Q5) Not completely certain, but it seems they're making farming more efficient because players are complaining farming is difficult? I'd hate to imagine how they'd handle GDMO if they think farming is difficult on KDMO.

(Q6) Enemy Digimon will pack skills soon, as players think the battles are too monotonous. They want to add tension to the battles and make them less predictable.

(Q7) They're adding active and passive skills for tamers to give them more of a role in battle.

(Q8) ...It's just them saying they want to stick to a schedule to get all of this out in 2012. They also want to avoid delays in their schedule, which means they'll probably inevitably delay something.

- The PvP system is planned for early 2012, likely a first quarter release
- They're going to start prepping the game for PvP in January with some minor tweaks
- I *think* they're wanting to revamp the game's battle system to make it fit in PvP, which goes with the aforementioned tweaks they plan on doing before PvP
- A new map will be added to D-Terminal
- An entirely new area seems to be in the works, too? I'm sick of deserts
- Jogress and Spirit evolutions are planned for 2012 as well (I demand armor evolution~)
- More large-scale bosses are being planned for the game


them are working, it certainly not like gaymax -_-
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Update December 8th
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